Hi Everyone!

I’m a divorced mother of three amazing children. Two boys (19 & 10) and one girl (12). I was married for ten years and have been divorced now for eight. The journey from married life, to Mom, to single-dom has been a long one to say the least…There’ve been lots of tears, laughter and winding roads. Sharing my journey is my way of allowing an inside look at my whole process.

What happens when you wake up one morning and realize that nothing is what it seemed yesterday? Realizing that I can’t be the only one this has happened to. Deciding that I will embrace this dilemma and figure it out along the way. Surrounding myself with the funniest/supportive group of friends anyone could ask for.

I will share my struggles, my accomplishments and everything in between. Hoping that you can laugh out loud until your sides hurt. Even cry, if you can relate to my pain. The struggle is real…These are my stories and I will be brutally honest.  Share with your friends.  Laughter is indeed the best medicine. I’ve been telling myself for years that I can’t make this shit up and I should share it with the world. So here I am! Let’s enjoy the ride together and laugh, possibly cry, our way through the “single life”….xoxo ~ doris