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The D-Files ~ “B”

Where to begin – where to begin…. I remember that first message you sent me. Hi, it’s “B”….call me xxx-xxx-xxxx Which I didn’t respond to right away….. Then you said: How am I supposed to ask you out if you don’t answer??? (more…)

20 Years Later……Part Deux

The next day…… “Are you still sleeping?” you texted around 11am.  It had been a late night for both of us.  Staying out until 4am the night before.  Talking about our past.  I was surprised that you still remembered everything.  From my old phone number to what I liked to eat. (more…)

20 Years Later….

You messaged me over a month ago.  I was shocked because, although we’d been FB friends for years, we hadn’t really talked in a while.  The last time we actually spoke was two years before, when I was congratulating you on your latest relationship.  So we chatted.  You told me that your wife left you. […]