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Ladies Night

“Oh yes it’s ladies night and the feeling’s right. Oh yes it’s ladies night, oh what a night” ~~ Kool & the Gang   Ladies night has been part of my sanity for years.  I don’t know what I would do without my girls.  Who else can you call at the last minute? Who has […]


What does co-parenting mean exactly?  Does it mean that you should work with the Mother/Father of your children in order to raise them in the best possible way?  OR  Does co-parenting mean that you should cram your beliefs down the other’s throat and not care who you hurt in the process–even if it’s the kids? […]


Being single is a choice. Really, it is.  I made it over nine years ago.  I was married to a man that had extra-curricular relationships, amongst other things. Did I want to leave?? Of course I did…but I stayed anyway.  I wondered if I would be considered damaged goods if I left.  Would someone else […]