New Year….New You??

2016 is finally here!!!! Happy New Year everyone!!! So now is the time to put in place all of those resolutions we made.  Did you make any? The real question is can you keep them?


The new year is finally upon us.  Traditionally, this is the time to look ahead and make plans to “better ourselves”.  At the beginning, we’re usually gung ho to make the changes.  But by week two or three, we start to slack off a bit.  By the time February comes around, most, if not all, resolutions have been thrown out the window.  Here are a few that are broken the most:

#1: Losing Weight/Getting in Shape ~ how many of us say this every December?  This is the year I’m going to lose the last of this baby weight.  I’m gonna lose these last 10 pounds if it kills me.  I’ve been celebrating since Thanksgiving.  Family dinners, hanging out with friends, happy hours.  It’s a never ending binge fest.  It’s like caloric overload!! Which leads up to the next one…

#2: Eat Healthier ~ how the heck am I supposed to do this if I’m on the go all the time?  There are way too many options to make the wrong choices.  My day usually starts super early, around 4:30, and ends a little after midnight. Between kids, work, after school activities, and blogging I barely have time to eat a meal let alone plan one.

#3: Working Out ~ gym time.  I actually like going.  If I can get there four times a week, I’m good.  But life happens and sometimes I can’t make it there as much as I want to.  That doesn’t make me a slacker…it makes me human.


#4: Less Stress ~ this one is a motherfucker.  I swear some people try their best to shit on your day. You know those miserable people that want everyone to be miserable too?  Dude, it’s like they wake up in the morning and want you to be all gloom and doom like they are.  And I’m over here sitting like: still happy…

#5: Drink Less ~ bottoms up!! The empty calories should be enough to make everyone do this.  But some days….some days…having a drink is the best option in order not to go batshit crazy. Because sometimes…people try you.  And you have to say to yourself: I’m way too pretty for jail.

So what are you supposed to do??? How many resolutions are you supposed to make before you actually see one through? Listen, here’s the deal: don’t make them.


At the end of the day, all that matters is that I’m a good person. It’s how you choose to treat people that makes your character. So stop being bitchy.  Love hard.  Laugh all the time.  Have fun.  And when it’s all said and done….the miserable people will still be miserable.  Me?? I’ll be over here like: still happy…

xo ~ D


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  1. AmberJanuary 21, 2016 at 10:39 am #

    It’s true, I’ve made some resolutions in the past from that list. Needless to say, most didn’t last all year!

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