The Bachelor…wk 3

So we survived last week’s view to how cray Lace is.  Can’t wait to see what she does this week  Join me,  Aubrey, Erin & Meredith as we take you on the next part of this bachelor’s journey to find true love.

imageHere come the claws. We all knew it was only a matter of time before these women showed their tri colors. The girls are already talking about how mean Olivia is.

This week there will be two one on one dates and one group date.

Lauren B is the winner of the first one on one date.  They’re going to take a flight on a private plane to a mystery destination. She’s super nervous. Which I can’t figure out why that is.  She’s a freaking flight attendant. Why would you be nervous to get on a plane when you do that everyday?  It’s like all common sense goes out the window when they’re in Ben’s presence. Not a good way to begin your happily ever after.  But I digress.  Let’s fly away to a deserted location with a ~ wait for it ~ a hot tub!! Let’s recreate that first date we had with Caila with someone else.  She’ll never know….

They talk about their families, and attend a private concert by Lucy Angel in a barn.  How romantico.

Meanwhile Caila is having a breakdown at the mansion.  She’s hysterical.

The group date will be an intense soccer match between some of the girls.  They will be split up into two teams. The Stars and The Stripes.  The winning team gets to party with Ben.  The losing team gets nada.  The game ends up in a shoot out and Team Stripes wins it with a goal from Amber.  Olivia starts monopolizing Ben’s time.

The final one on one date goes to Jubilee.  She’s nervous. Ben happens to be just a tad late.  When the helicopter comes, she’s deathly afraid and tries to pawn her date off on one of the other girls.  WTF??

Ok, now I’m trying to figure out if being insecure is the number attribute abc looked for when casting these girls.  You have to be freaking kidding me.  You’re in a competition to eventually fall in love and “win” a proposal.  And you want to give your shot to someone else?? You might as well go home now.

Alright, I’ll get off my soap box.  They go to a little castle and it’s awkward city between the two of them.  She feels guilty about where she is in life.  Ben tells her that she’s strong and needs to own it.

During the cocktail party, Ben lets the girls know that two people from his hometown have died in a plane crash.  It puts a bit of a damper on things until Olivia takes him aside and let’s him know she doesn’t like her ankles ~ smh ~

There’s a bit of a ruckus when Jubilee decides to give Bn a massage.  Ten other girls a pissed.  Of course they say something to her, she runs off and causes a scene.  Ben goes after her and let’s Amber know that he likes Jubilee for who she is.  Amber = shocked.

Now here comes my favorite….Lace.  Letting him know that she needed to leave the show to work on herself.  Maybe she knew she was a goner and decided to leave before she could be embarrassed.  Who knows.  I was so looking forward to seeing how her and Olivia would get along in the coming weeks.

In the end Shushanna and Jami were sent packing.

Let’s see what kind of craziness will happen next week…..

xo ~ D


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