The Bachelor…wk 4

Where are the remaining girls headed today?? Vegas Baby!!! As the saying goes: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  But not for you guys.  You can get your Vegas play by play here with me, Aubrey, Erin & Meredith.  

imageOk.  So my cocoloco Lace  is gone.  But she needs to get her shit together.  So, good for her!

Which brings us to today’s slice of crazy…Olivia.  Or as I like to call her: wide-mouthed Olivia.  But more on her in a few.  Let’s recap what went down.

The girls find out that Ben has gone to the marriage capital of the world.  Las Vegas.  The best part??  They get to pack and meet him there.  Of course everyone started screaming as if they won the lottery.  But they haven’t.  They have to be on point if they want to stand out in Vegas.  Here we go!!

When they get to Vegas, they walk down the strip to find a message from the bachelor himself letting them know that he can’t wait to meet up with them.  ~ insert more screaming here ~ They get to stay in a suite at a gorgeous hotel.  Personally, I think that’s way to many girls in a room.  But then again, I have a hard time sharing.  So, there’s a date card in the room, with the names of the girls that get to go on the group date.  Of course Olivia is already stressed…but she was picked, so all is well in her world.

JoJo gets a one on one date with Ben.  Off to the rooftop they go to sip champagne and wait for their helicopter ride, while the other girls spy. Of course the wind sends everything crashing down.  ~ couldn’t stop laughing ~ So of course they take cover behind the tabletop…..and to everyone’s dismay…KISS.  During the evening part of the date, she lets him know where her insecurities lay. I mean she broke up with someone 5 months ago and of course is ready to move ahead and hopefully get engaged…smh – no judgement.  Cue the fireworks display and more kissing.

Group date time is here, and the girls are headed to a surprise group date.

So, the part that totally rubbed me the wrong way, before the date even started, was when everyone got to the date establishment and he walked through the door.  Before everyone else.  Really?? Ben, Ben, Ben.  Aren’t you supposed to be a gentleman?  Shouldn’t you have opened the door and let them all inside first? ~ he lost some points with me there.

The girls have to find their talent in order to put on a talent show for Ben.  The catch is they have to do it in front of a live audience because they get to open for Terry Fator.  Exciting stuff.  Basically, they need to let loose and have some fun.  Let the show begin.  There’s juggling, hula hoops, Irish dancing and even a cello performance.  But the most cringe worthy moment is about to happen.  Wide-mouthed Olivia jumps out of a cake and begins to do some sort of strange, sexy dance that makes everyone uncomfortable.  Thank you abc for making us sit through that.  At the end, she ends up having a panic attack in the back.

During the evening part of the group date, Olivia knows she’s totally messed up and becomes a bit obsessive trying to clear her name.  She’s gone phsycho.  She interupting the other girls’ alone time with Ben.  She’s apologizing over and over.  He keeps telling her she doesn’t have to.  Compete overkill.

Becca got the best date of all.  Apparently Ben had time to become an online Ordained Minister and they were going to marry real couples.  How fun is that?  The date went really well.  Afterwards, they talked about the last time she was on the Bachelor.  She assured him that she was 100% in and was ready to feel everything and take chances.

In a surprise twist, the twins get a one on one date as well.  Together of course.  Weird.  He takes them to their house to have a family date.  Meets their Mom.  Tries to get to know them better and ends up leaving Haley there.  Way to let her go easy Ben.  Oy…not good.

At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Olivia is once again a hot mess.  Running around like a jack rabbit trying to clear her name.  That girl is really getting on my damn nerves. Ben also tells Jubilee she needs more self confidence.  ~ She needs to get it together or she’ll be gone soon too ~

But in the end the rose ceremony must go on.  Olivia gets the last one ~ yay…smh ~ and Amber and Rachel are out.  Insert more tears here…

Until next time.  I’ll be here patiently waiting for the drama.

xo ~ D


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