The D-Files ~ “B”

Where to begin – where to begin….

I remember that first message you sent me.

Hi, it’s “B”….call me xxx-xxx-xxxx

Which I didn’t respond to right away…..

Then you said: How am I supposed to ask you out if you don’t answer???

IMG_2801…so I did.

Who could resist that?

I agreed to meet you that evening.

We had dinner somewhere on the beach.  One of those tiny restaurants that only had valet parking available.

Surprisingly…I was on time (I always seem to run 5-10 minutes behind when getting ready for a date).

I saw you waiting for me outside.

There you were.  Standing out front.  Pacing.

Dress pants, fitted polo, dress shoes.

::sigh:: ~ I said a silent “thank you” prayer to the dating gods because you weren’t wearing flip flops ~

Your muscles seemed to be begging for release from your shirt. I could see a few tats peeking out from underneath your sleeves.  I remember thinking that I  couldn’t wait to see them.

I was immediately attracted to your confidence.  You had enough to fill an entire room.

When you walked in, everyone took notice.

Especially me….

That twinkle in your eyes.  The laugh lines that surrounded them.  That smile that could melt hearts instantly.

You picked a table with a view of the water that was semi-private. You looked at me, smiled and said: “order whatever you want”.  

It took everything in my power not to burst out laughing.

(if you know me…you know I can’t make a menu decision for shit.  I’ll literally read it cover to cover a few times before having an “idea” of what I might want)

I decided to let you choose since I’d never been there before.

We were there for a few hours.  The drinks flowed ~ beer for you & whiskey for me ~

Dinner was great.

We talked about everything.  You name it.  Kids, work, goals. We joked around and laughed.  You understood my sick sense of humor.

We ended the night with a walk on the pier.

The waves, the moon, the sand…..perfection.

I remember driving home wondering if we’d ever see each other again.

Or would this end up being one of those great first dates and nothing more?

As I was getting ready for bed, I got a text message: “goodnight beautiful”

~ and I knew that this was the beginning of…..something


xo ~ D

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  1. Nicky MarieApril 22, 2017 at 4:27 pm #

    I got butterflies in my tummy from reading this <3

    • Doris MartinApril 22, 2017 at 4:43 pm #

      Awww thx! I need to post part 2 🙂

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